Zolman/Zollman Family Genealogy
- The Descendants of Adam Zolman/Zollman (immigrated 1754)

Zolman/Zollman Family Memorial Pages
These pages are dedicated to the Zolman/Zollman family members that have recently passed away. We post the names, date, place of death, lineage and obituaries of our "cousins" here as a memorial.
- Zolman/Zollman Family Memorial Page (deaths from 1997 thru 2004)
- Zolman/Zollman Family Memorial Page II (deaths from 2005 to present)

Zolman/Zollman Family Reunions
Each year Zolman/Zollman family members gather at reunions in Indiana, Ohio and Virginia to visit with their cousins and share a day together.
- 2007 Indiana Reunion - June 24, 2007 at Warsaw, Indiana .....details
- 2007 Ohio Reunion - July 22, 2007 at Fredericktown, Ohio.....details
- 2000 Virginia Reunion - August 27, 2000 near Lexington, Virginia.....the VA reunion is held the fourth Sunday of August each year

Note: The Zolman/Zollman Family History Center is maintained by Stuart Harter (New Haven, IN) with the help of Donn Zolman (Ramer, AL) and many other Zolman/Zollman cousins throughout the world. If you have any comments, corrections or additional information on the Zolman/Zollman family, please e-mail Stuart or Donn by clicking on their names.
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