Zolman/Zollman Family Memorial II

On October 25, 1754 the ship "Good Intent" arrived at Philadelphia carrying Anthon Zollman and his son, Johann Adam Zollman. Today, over 240 years later, there are thousands of descendants of Johann Adam (Adam) throughout the United States. Each week new Zolman/Zollman "cousins" are born and others pass on into history.
This page is dedicated to the Zolman/Zollman family members that have recently passed away. We post the names, date and place of death and lineage of our "cousins" here as a memorial. Names listed which are highlighted also have a link to an obituary.
For deaths from 1997 thru 2004, please visit the original Zolman/Zollman Family Memorial page.
If you know of a "cousin" that has recently passed away that should be included on this list, please send E-Mail to Stuart Harter.

Branning, Grace Eva (Trumbull)
passed away 16-Nov-2008 at Fort Wayne, Indiana
daughter of Mary Inez (Knight) Trumbull>Lydia Ellen (Harter) Knight>Elizabeth (Johnson) Harter>Lydia (Zolman) Johnson>John>Adam

Buell, Eldon DeWitt
passed away 21-Aug-2006 at South Bend, Indiana
son of Winifred (Zolman) Buell>John M.>David>Jacob>Adam

Cripe, Alfred Lewis
passed away 14-Oct-2008 at Fort Wayne, Indiana
son of Bertha Ellen (Zolman) Cripe>Johnston>John>John>Adam

Downey, Geraldine (Zolman) Heinzelmann
passed away 02-Apr-2005 at Sullivan, Illinois
daugher of Chester Elvin Zolman>James E.>John>James P.>John>Adam

Johnson, Hazel A. (Green)
passed away 13-Sep-2006 at Fort Wayne, Indiana
wife of Robert A Johnson>John Webster Johnson>James M. Johnson>Lydia (Zolman) Johnson>John>Adam

Kempton, Zelda Marie (Singrey)
passed away 13-Feb-2009 at Mount Vernon, Ohio
daughter of Grace (Zolman) Singrey>David Willard>George Washington>David>Jacob>Adam

Zolman, Charles Thomas
passed away 10-Apr-2006 at Holland, Michigan
son of Garra H. Zolman>Clarence>Catherine>James P.>John>Adam

Zolman, Devon Eugene "Gene"
passed away 12-Nov-2005 at South Bend, Indiana
son of Sanford Wayne Zolman>John W.>Sanford P.>Nathan>John>Adam

Zolman, Linn Theodore Jr. "Ted"
passed away 15-Jun-2005
son of Linn Theodore Zolman Sr.>Phillip Linn>John Philip>Joel>Philip>Adam

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